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Our Legacy

Two decades on

Tino e Tasi is a family orientated business which represent the life work and passion of Patricia Luamanuvae-Silao.  She had a vision for Samoan children to have access to early childhood education that embraced the Samoan language, culture and values.

Since 1993, Patricia teamed up with fellow educators to establish New Zealand's first Samoan language preschools across the South Island.  These preschools have educated countless Samoan preschoolers over the last two decades.

“We learnt from the Kohanga Reo movement that if the children have no identity then the children are not proud of who they are and their family heritage”

Patricia Luamanuvae-Silao


“We remind our children to be proud of their heritage...take the best of both worlds everywhere we can in life”

Patricia Luamanuvae-Silao

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