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About Us

Our philosophy is to maintain a rich curriculum that promotes the importance of our gagana (language), aganu’u (culture) and Christian values, with the expectation that children will grow up to be ta'ita'i (leaders) in Aotearoa.


“We treasure the Samoan language, we live it, we use it, we share it with our children.”


Tino e Tasi means unity in one accord.  We believe that this requires our teachers, management, aiga, and the community to support the development of our children.


It is our mission to serve our community by providing a learning environment that stimulates the uniqueness of the Samoan culture. By adopting the four baskets of cultural leadership we align and depict a distributive leadership framework in our Preschools. We demonstrate this mission in the following ways:



Le Tofa

Staying up to date with our knowledge and demonstrating qualities and skills that are best practice



Le Pule

Governance and management is shared.   Our preschools have a collective responsibility shared across staff, members of the community, parents and professionals.



Le Tautua

Providing a service back to our community, ensuring they are fed via knowledge and education.



Le Va Fealoa’i

Fostering respectful and responsive relationships with families through open communication, education, and encouraging aiga involvement.

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