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Hours: 8.30am - 3.30pm

This centre is the hidden gem of East Christchurch. Look out for our bright red letterbox, as this is the only sign that marks our bustling wee preschool, hidden down the back of a long driveway


There is lots of outdoor space and many rooms to play in.  We have two dedicated spaces, our Gogosina side which houses our under 2's, and our Tava'e side, which caters for our adventurous over 2's.

Gogosina Space

Accomodating our under 2's, the Gogosina room caters to a maximum of 9 children. Our two dedicated faia'oga create a calming, relaxed space, filled with music, laughter and language. This is the foundation of where our Samoan values are laid.

IMG_2925 2.jpeg
Tava'e Space

Accomodating our over 2's, the Tava'e side nurtures our over 2's to become confident in themselves, and ready for primary school.  This space values le va fealoa'i and the reciprocal and collaborative learning, especially between siblings and extended aiga.

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