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Hours: 9.00am - 3.00pm

Located in a quiet suburban area, Tino e Tasi is small in numbers, yet is bursting in warmth and heart. 

The centre is built on alofa.  Our faia'oga demonstrate fa'aaloalo (respect) and tautua (service) in their practice, in order to create a learning environment that connects and engages our tamaiti so they feel at home.

Mixed Age Setting

Our small mixed aged setting creates a creates a rich, intimate, whanau environment to learn in. Our space values le va fealoa'i and the reciprocal and collaborative learning relationships between us all.  Hear the music, laughter and fun all day.

Large Outdoor Space

The centre has a large outdoor playground, where many of our tamaiti have become explorers and gone on many excellent adventures. 

There is plenty of space to connect with the elements and play. 



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